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Melt Blow Die Service

Melting and spraying die head is the core hardware of melting and spraying production line. Currently, there is a shortage of high-quality melting and spraying cloth in the global market.

  • .Perfect mold design
  • .Strict size control
  • .Strict material selection
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Injection molding has the most variable options for materials, colors, and configurations when compared to CNC machining or 3D printing. Here are the materials RapidDirect provides for injection molding services.

Rigid Plastics

Rigid plastics offer a range of sought after properties, including good impact strength, rigidity, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, dimensionality and color stability. The combination of strength, ductility and heat resistance make rigid plastics suitable for a range of industrial injection molding applications.


  • .ABS
  • .Acetal POM
  • .Acrylic
  • .HDPE
  • .Nylon 6
  • .Nylon 6/6
  • .PBT
  • .PC-PBT
  • .PEEK
  • .PEI
  • .PLA
  • .Polycarbonate
  • .Polypropylene
  • .PPE-PS
  • .PPS
  • .PSU
  • .PVC

Flexible Plastics

Flexible plastics are also broadly used in injection molding for applications that require elasticity. The fast curing materials are used in the manufacturing, military and art sectors, to name but a few.


  • .LDPE
  • .PET
  • .Polystyrene
  • .PC-ABS
  • .Polyethylene

Rubber Plastics

Rubber plastics are well suited for injection molding because they can easily be brought to molten state and poured into molds. When solidified, they do not require any release agents to be removed from the molds. Rubber plastics demonstrate flexibility, high temperature resistance for post-cure processes and cost-efficiency.


  • TPE
  • TPV

Mold Quality Characteristics

Perfect mold design

A good pair of molten spray mold is based on the design. During the design, Sinor team conducted in-depth evaluation on the mold structure, processing technology, melting flow balance degree analysis, air knife flow Angle and balance degree analysis, temperature control balance degree and internal pressure analysis, etc., to ensure the perfection and beauty of mold design.

Strict size control

Based on the company's strong processing capacity, according to the technological requirements of the workpiece, marking dimensional tolerance on each part drawing of the molten spray mold, and the whole process inspection.

Strict material selection

According to the characteristics of molten spray forming process and the properties of steel material, reasonable steel material treatment method is adopted to ensure the best performance of steel material.

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